While most of the pieces we create are hand engraved with our signature scroll work, Rodeo Engraving, we also pride ourselves in hand engraving monograms and inscriptions. Whether it be on the front of a buckle or on the back of a ring, we are able to personalize. We created this buckle and then finished it off with a hand engraved monogram. We are able to use an existing monogram or help with the designing of one.

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Through the years we have made MANY custom cigar band rings. We have always LOVED this one. The brand worked perfectly on the comfortable taper. We use sterling silver, gold or copper to accent rings.

Maria, our mother, cooks most Thanksgivings. A lot of people don’t know this but one of her hobbies is to cook and she’s damn good at it. She makes everything from carrot cakes to fine Mexican delicacies like pozole and chiles rellenos. A typical Thanksgiving for us includes not only the actual dinner, in fact, this is only about 20% of the real celebration. The true celebration is the preparation of the meal. From lugging a freshly killed turkey from the neighbor’s house to peeling the thousand russet potatoes that go into the BEST mashed potatoes ever made. This is the TRUE celebration; listening to music, talking and laughing and learning the recipes that have become our family staple for decades.

This Thanksgiving we wish you the peace that we have been blessed to enjoy on days like this. We wish you health to enjoy it with others and most importantly, we are thankful for you and for years of continued support of our creations.

Today we maintain the attitude of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving

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