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Silver King and Rand's Custom Hatters collaborate to create a stunning hat and band that will be sold and auctioned at Safari Club International, this year in Reno, Nevada. Proudly made in Montana, this hat is created of 100% NATURAL BEAVER FUR FELT with no powders or artificial colors added allowing for wear in rain or snow. Each hat is created one at a time by a skilled hat maker from start to finish. The showcased Sand colored hat is finished off with a hand-tooled, two-tone leather hatband accented with STERLING SILVER and 14K YELLOW GOLD conchos. The hardware is all hand engraved and finished off with an antique finish to boast the detailed engraving. Silver King is proud to create this collection with a hat-maker that shares decades of experience in their craft. SCI Convention will be held at the Reno Sparks Convention Center, February 5th through 8th, 2020. Booth #2441

While most of the pieces we create are hand engraved with our signature scroll work, Rodeo Engraving, we also pride ourselves in hand engraving monograms and inscriptions. Whether it be on the front of a buckle or on the back of a ring, we are able to personalize. We created this buckle and then finished it off with a hand engraved monogram. We are able to use an existing monogram or help with the designing of one.

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Through the years we have made MANY custom cigar band rings. We have always LOVED this one. The brand worked perfectly on the comfortable taper. We use sterling silver, gold or copper to accent rings.

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