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We love stones and work with a wide variety, turquoise, onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli, rubies, amethyst, citrine, sapphires are only a few. Ever seen a deeply faceted, black onyx stone? It’s breathtaking. How about a robin egg blue Turquoise stone? Stunning.

Whether you have a stone you fell in love with on your road trip to New Mexico or inherited a blue star sapphire from your late aunt, we have the experience to design and create a piece that will showcase its beauty while keeping it secure. Here are a few.

When a baby is born people often commemorate the special day with an engraved picture frame, maybe a ceramic piggy bank or a plush stuffed animal. What about when you get your first horse? Well, here is what we do. We collaborate with that AWESOME customer/ friend that wants something different, bold and beautiful. Debbie loved her bracelet commemorating when Emma, pictured on the front of her bracelet, came into her life. She loved it and so do we!

This Doug McClure inspired belt buckle and matching snakeskin turquoise belt got to travel to Dallas' Longhorn Ballroom for a killer photo shoot orchestrated by the premier magazine of the West, Cowboys and Indians. Through the years, we have been ever so blessed to advertise and be featured by this magazine. Check out the NEON WEST

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